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Who’s Going to Win?

Buddy Holly & the crickets

By Larry Leonard

December 31st, 2011 — As we see it here at Oregon Magazine, the real question is, “Who has already won?

We view Man as a collection of cultures. The life in each place is shaped by those very deep networks of experience and tradition. If you watch a Fourth of July parade

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Who Won the First District?

Rain on windows

It’s impossible to tell at this writing, which is on the 30th of January. This is/was a special election to replace David Wu from Oregon’s First District. (To fill his vacated seat for a year.) We know this: the Democrat, Suzy Something, was endorsed by the Oregonian and all the other Portland newspapers of record, the Astoria paper and most of the valley papers from the suburbs.

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Crater Lake Could Swallow the Empire State Bldg.

New York vs U.S.

By Larry Leonard

Or, the Empire State Bldg. could swallow Oregon …

There’s a certain symmetry in these concepts. Crater Lake may be visited in America, but New York City thinks it is America. How do I know? Simple. the Tea Parties didn’t begin in NYC, so the MSM

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