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Concerning the alteration of tradition for political convenience

By Larry Leonard

October 25, 2011 — They asked a question on the air. This was the morning FOX show. They wanted to know what you think about education, today. I think with rare exceptions, it’s socialist junk. Compared what we used to have, public schools today are PC hovels and political campaign money laundering

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The American Thermopylae

Greek statue

By Larry Leonard

The Persian Empire was often in conflict with the ancient Greeks. Comparing it to the Democrats and Republicans of America, today, is an interesting exercise because the perspectives that arise graphically illustrate the principle problems we face. In one of their most famous clashes, legions of Persians

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The Passing of a Poet

Poet feather

By Larry Leonard

So long to a crazy giant named Pintarich

October, 2011 — In September, an Oregon poet named Paul Pintarich died after injuries received in what the local paper called a “kitchen fire.”

Paul was an early contributor to this incarnation of Oregon Magazine. His poetry still resides in that section. Some of

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